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Banner Stands

With the stands and bracket systems below you should find the answers to your display and hanging needs. Click on the image below for the product you need. Sandwich boards are prefect for sidewalks in front of business. Pole brackets are for light poles and boulevard banners. Pegasus systems are perfect for multiple sizes banners at trade shows. Orient Retractable and Spring pop-us are great banner display stands.

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Econo Roll Retractable Stands                                                            Starting at $93.17 (R)

The Econo Roll packs great value into an easy-to-use durable and attractive stand. Finished in anodized aluminum and heavy-duty plastic end plates, carry bag is included. It is simple to use and comes in 5 widths 24″, 33.5″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ wide x 80″ (82″ tall with stand base). All sizes come w/ a 1 year warranty.

24″ wide 1-5 QTY 6-10 QTY 11-25 QTY
$99.83 (R)
$94.83 (R) $89.83 (R)
33.5″ wide 1-5 QTY 6-10 QTY 11-25 QTY
$116.50 (R)
$109.83 (R) $103.17 (R)
36″ wide 1-5 QTY 6-10 QTY 11-25 QTY
$132.67 (R)
$126.50 (R) $119.83 (R)
48″ wide 1-5 QTY 6-10 QTY 11-25 QTY
$199.83 (R)
$191.50 (R) $183.17 (R)
60″ wide 1-5 QTY 6-10 QTY 11-25 QTY
$259.83 (R)
$248.17 (R) $239.83 (R)
24×40″ Table Top
6-10 QTY 11-25 QTY
$93.17 (R)
$89.83 (R) $86.50 (R)

Orient Retractable Stands                                                                   starting at $218.33 (R)

The Orient Retractable Banner Stand combines durability with a sleek streamline design. Banner set up is simple and only takes a few seconds to put up. It is finished in anodized silver or black with heavy duty molded endplates. Carry bag is included. They come in 4 widths 24″ (Orient 600), 36″ (Orient 920), 48″ wide (Orient 1000) and 60″ (Orient 1500). All sizes of Orient’s are 82″ tall (85″ with base) and come w/ a lifetime warranty.

24″ wide 1-5 QTY 6-10 QTY 11-25 QTY
$218.33 (R)
$210.00 (R) CALL
33.5″ wide 1-5 QTY 6-10 QTY 11-25 QTY
$260.00 (R)
$248.33 (R) CALL
36″ wide 1-5 QTY 6-10 QTY 11-25 QTY
$285.00 (R)
$276.67 (R) CALL
48″ wide 1-5 QTY 6-10 QTY 11-25 QTY
$376.67 (R)
$368.33 (R) CALL
60″ wide 1-5 QTY 6-10 QTY 11-25 QTY
$451.67 (R)
$443.33 (R) CALL
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Pegasus Telescopic System                                                                  stand $226.67 (R)

These are fully adjustable banner stands that are easy to set up and fit a variety of graphic sizes. From a small banner stand to a large back wall, either one will fit your needs. Adjust 36” to 96” in height and from 48” to a whopping 120” wide. Your customer can enjoy the freedom of changing their banner graphics frequently, regardless of size constraints, creating repeat business for you. Adjustment is as easy as twisting. Banner is sold separately. Vinyl Banners larger then 6 ’ need to be folded for shipping, because of this sometimes fabric is a better because it is polyester and the fold lines come right out, it is harder to get them out of vinyl. Two sizes are available Pegasus Mini with a max size of 96″ x 96″ and Pegasus with a max size of 96″ x 120″.

Pegasus Stand Fabric 96″x96″ (8’x8′) Fabric 96″x120″ (8’x10′)
$226.67 (R)
$320.00 (R)
$400.00 (R)
Pegasus Stand Vinyl Banner 96″x96″ (8’x8′) Vinyl Banner 96″x120″ (8’x10′)
$226.67 (R) $160.00 (R) $200.00 (R)

Spring 3 Pop-up Stands                                                                         starting at $99.83 (R)

Spring 3 is a superb general-purpose tensioned banner stand. Quick and easy to erect, this item offers both ease of use and great value for money. Single vinyl banner, stand w/ bag. The Size is 31.5”x79″.

Stand size 31.5″x79″

Spring 3 1-5 QTY 6-10 QTY
79″x31.5″ $99.83 $83.17
Instructions Display Stand 1
Instructions Display Stand 2

Display Stand System                                                                           starting at $108.33 (R)

These display stands features a 1/4″ top loading slot that accepts foam core boards and signs. Graphics must be mounted to 1/4″ board or .040 Styrene. Stand and prints are sold separately.

Display Stand: Stands 60″H from the ground

Display Stand 1 (DS1) Display Stand 2 (DS2) 22″x28″ Poster Insert
$108.33 (R) $121.76 (R)
$26.75 (R)

Hanging Clamp Bar                                                                           starting at $116.67 (R)

Perfect for retail, hang in store windows or anywhere inside. Aluminum clamp bar on top and bottom holds graphic in place. Easily change graphic anytime! Included hooks attach to top bar.

Graphic Package Includes:
(2) Silver Clamp Bars (Top & Bottom)
(4) End Caps (for Clamp bars)
(2) Hanging Hooks
(1) Vinyl Graphic, 1 sided

Hanging wire and ceiling hooks not included.

3’W x 5’H 3’W x 8’H 5’W x5’H
$116.67 (R) $161.67 (R)
$175.00 (R)
5’W x 8’H 7’W x 5’H 7’W x8’H
$250.00 (R) $236.67 (R)
$341.67 (R)

Outdoor Stands/Tents & Brackets

Instructions Single Bracket
Instructions Double Bracket

Pole Bracket                                                                                             starting at $58.25 (R)

This state of the art system is designed to withstand the elements. The base is made of rust-free cast aluminum with fiberglass arms. The fiberglass arms flex in strong wind transferring some of the wind load off the banner. They come either as a single or double banner system and width sizes of 18″/24″/30″.

Size 18″ 24″ 30″ 36″
Single $58.50 (R)
$63.25 (R)
$66.58 (R)
Column 4 Value (R)
Size 18″ 24″ 30″ 36″
Double $116.00 (R)
$120.00 (R)
$123.00 (R)
Column 4 Value (R)
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Event Tent 10’x10′                                                                                       $821.43 (T)

10′ Event Tent is the next level in outdoor advertising.
Achieve 360 degrees of branding with a custom full fabric dye-sub canopy and hardware package.

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Canopy is full printed (not just the valances) and sewn Weather Resistant Tent Polyester 600 Denier. Print your brand message on each of the four peaks and valance panels. Our large format full color capabilities take artwork seam to seam unlike competitor tents that rely on small vinyl applications.

Heavy duty hex shape 40 mm. aluminum hardware (not steel) gives the tent strength in outdoor installations. Telescopic legs allow you to adjust the height, and the interior lattice expands the tent interior with the crank of a handle. Each leg has a foot plate ready to be staked to the ground. (Ropes, stakes, and standard carrying bag included with hardware).

High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720
Dye-Sublimation Graphic
Scratch Resistant Weather Resistant (water proof coated fabric)

6 oz. Tent Fabric (600×600 denier)

Size and Weight:
Assembled (shortest) – 120″w x 120″d x 124.5″h
Assembled (tallest) – 120″w x 120″d x 137″h
Weight – 43 lbs (Hardware) + 8 lbs (Canopy Graphic) = 51lbs (Full Tent Package)

Optional – Carrying Bag w/ Wheels $71.43 (T)

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Event Tent – with Back Wall & 1/2 Sided Walls                             $997.95 (T)

Best Selling Tent Package

Create the perfect booth with our best seller tent bundle that includes:
– 10×10 pop up tent with full printed top
– 10′ Fully printed single sided backwall
– 10′ Fully printed single sided railskirts (X2) – Hardware (poles and clamps included)
– Free Stake Kit and Tent Cover
This pop-up tent comes with a 600 Denier polyester top that is fire retardant and water resistant.
The 2 railskirts come with standard velcro to easily attach them to the poles, as well as, velcro straps to connect them to the tent legs. Hardware (poles and clamps) is included. The 10′ wall comes with standard velcro as well, to easily attach it to the tops.

Tent w/Back Wall Tent w/Back Wall & 2 – 1/2 Side Walls
$19.50 $19.50

The Billboard                                                                                       $663.33 (R)

Twice as big as a Signcade, perfect for eye-cataching outdoor advertising with 6 signs per frame and wheels for easy movement.

Overall Outside Dimensions
58”H x 39”W x 3.2” D

Main Display Size:
36”W x 48”H

Sign with 2-Main inserts & 2 sideds
on coroplast:


Sandwich Board                                                                                       $231.67 (R)

This rugged sign is 100% plastic so no rusting and no painting. The generous 24” x 36” high graphic area gives your message impact. The hinges conveniently lock the display into the open position while the molded handle makes transport easy. It comes with full color imprint on both sides.


Spring 5 Pop-up Stand                                                                           starting at $266.67 (R)

Spring 5 is a superb general-purpose tensioned banner stand for indoor or Outdoor use. It can be used as a single or double sided unit and is quick and easy to erect. It is supplied with a plastic base that can be filled w/ water or sand and comes with a travel bag. The stand can Expand from 2′x5′ – 3′x6′ (new banner is needed for each size).

Stand size Expand from 2′x5′ – 3′x6′

Spring 5 1 sided 2 sided
$266.67 $330.00

Outdoor Banner Wall                                                                             starting at $491.67 (R)

This is your solution for large outdoor banner display. Water filled bases provide support and stability when displaying your graphics outdoors. With adjustable height and double sided display capabilities, The Outdoor Banner Wall is a versatile stand that can be used for countless events.

Graphic Size: 8′ x 8′
*single sided or double sided

Display Size: 9’H x 8’W

Banner Wall & Banner 1 Sided 2 Sided
$491.67 $658.33

Monsoon Banner Stand                                                                        starting at $243.34 (R)

Sturdy and lightweight triangle aluminum frame for outdoor display. Frame snaps in and locks together, banners easily mount to all sides of the frame with bungee cords. Stand can be used either horizontally or vertically with 1-3 banners and can be used w/ either scrim vinyl or mesh for heaver wind loads. Comes w/ a carry bag.

Monsoon stand & Vinyl Banners 1 Banner 2 Banners 3 Banners
$243.34 (R) $331.67 (R) $420.00 (R)
Monsoon stand & Mesh Banners 1 Banner 2 Banners 3 Banners
$276.67 (R) $365.00 (R) $453.00 (R)

Spring Snap Display Stand                                                  starting at $231.67 (R)

Easy open aluminum snap frame with stable feet. Use with paper or Decal mounted on Styrene.
The generous 23.125″ x 33.75″ high graphic area gives your message impact.

Display Size:
32”W x 46.5”H x 20”D


Sign with 2 paper posters graphic inserts on styrene
$231.67 (R) $50.00 (R)