The Banner Store

Please send in a full p.o. If you do not use p.o.’s then send in all order details on either a letter head or composed in an e-mail. Make sure to include what you want printed, type of material, size, qty., due date, ship to and billing address. Any special finishing instructions or PMS colors. Without all of the details being provided there may be delays on your order.

You can send P.O./Order and art to if you have large files (over 5mb) please just send the P.O. via e-mail and use our FTP link for the art

The process after we have a full p.o. and the art is as follows, we will get you a proof in 24 hrs. then after you approve it, it will ship in 3 days (4 days for fabric and tents), about 24 hrs. After you approve the art, customer service will send you a quick books invoice (you can pay online) along w/ ship dates and tracking info if we have enough info from the p.o. to put it all together. You will also receive a production e-mail w/ ship dates and information  about the job and any delivery questions. Please read these e-mails thoroughly to insure that there are no problems and that everything is delivered correctly.

The Banner Store will not be responsible, after the return of proofs with your signature, for any errors, omissions, etc., overlooked
by the customer. Make sure all spelling and the colors you requested are correct. Allowance must be made for variation of colors unless
PMS colors are specified. All claims must be made within 10 days of delivery of order.